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Dumping Your Junk Car for Cash

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Cheap Automatic Cars Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Hybrids

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Declare yourself with a unique car plate
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Declare yourself with a unique car plate

The modern number in UK consists of three parts: the first two letters indicate the region of registration, followed by two digits containing data on the date of registration, and the third block is three arbitrary letters or numbers in any combination. With the region of registration, everything is clear: the letters are taken from a single list. It is more difficult with the year: the nation, which still stubbornly drives on the left side of the road, could not limit itself to a simple “99” for 1999 and “12” for 2012. Here this principle works only from March 1 to August 31 and from September to February they add 50 to the year. That is, for example, in 2015 they issued numbers with the combinations “15” and “65”.

Since there is an unusual feature such as the “age stamp” which remains with the car for life – the numbers on the modern license plate necessarily reflect the year of registration, and you will not be allowed to hang a plate with the index “65” on the car from 2010.

Anyone can buy a license plate to their liking. Moreover, the numbers are traded by both private companies and the Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency itself. To buy a number in DVLA, you need to participate in the auction – they are held throughout the country about 6 times a year, and the list of license plates that will be put up for sale can be studied on the official website in advance in order to determine for yourself a list of interesting lots.

However, it is possible to receive a new plate from a dealer. Just choose a number from the catalog, pay the specified amount – and in the shortest possible time The Private Plate Company will send you a fresh set of license plates and registration documents with delivery.

I don’t drink coffee; I take cyberpunk, my dear
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I don’t drink coffee; I take cyberpunk, my dear

The model police officer John Major is heroically killed at the hands of the drug dealers he pursued. But the British police do not want to part with such a valuable shot, and a year later the detective is returned from the other world, turning into a cyborg. John is in a hurry to return to the ranks and take revenge on his killers. But either he was not as brilliant as they say about him, or the programs installed for him are mercilessly buggy, but all the affairs of the cyborg go somersault. In addition, the wife for some reason is not happy to see him, neither a partner is.

Name: Code 404

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Producers: Tom Miller, Sam Mayer, Daniel Peak

Cast: Rosie Cavaliero, Richard Gadd, Stephen Graham and others

UK air date: 2020 April 29, Sky One.

Duration: 6 episodes, each is about 25 minutes

“Code 404” series catch with an unusual plot. The series at first resembles “Almost Human” in the atmosphere of the British hinterland, but without Hollywood gloss and with black humor. It looks intimate, with investigations in shabby alleyways and rare fights – without a hurricane of action and cool gadgets. The landscape of a futuristic city accompanied by electronic music is shown here only once. It is not about beauty scenes, but for the sake of a hilarious contrast with the routine confusion on the city streets.

The characters and scenes typical of the genre are shown with a fair amount of irony. The huge scheme with maps, photographs and carefully drawn notes does not help the heroes in the investigation in any way, as does the honest, strict, but frankly dumb boss. The girl from the front desk is always helpful, but she is terribly enraged that no one will remember her name in any way.

“Code 404” jokes work successfully. Subtle, varied and witty, fans of British humor will surely like them. How do you like the episode with a psychotherapist talking heart to heart with a dog twisted from a balloon? Or the incredible revelation that three points on the map actually form, attention, a triangle? Yes, only selective bri’ish style.

The fresh comedy from Sky One turned out to be not particularly fantastic, but really funny. It is far from legendary “Black Books” or “The IT Crowd”, but it is still very nice.

There are only six episodes in the season, so the series is perfect to while away the evening in front of the screen with a glass or two of traditional English drinks. A cup of tea, perhaps. Next Code 404 UK air date is planned on spring 2021.

chauffeur Essex
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Enjoy the car trip with an experienced driver

A car is the most convenient form of transport in a variety of situations. But there are situations when using a personal car becomes difficult. For example, this may apply to business travel. Obviously, you will not come to an unfamiliar city or country with your car. As for renting, even for experienced drivers, trips to an unfamiliar place are uncomfortable. That is why, in such situations, it would be an excellent solution to hire a car with a driver. There are other situations when this service will be in demand. For example, a wedding often requires a larger and more comfortable car than the one available. Just imagine what it will be like for a bride in a luxurious dress driving or sitting in the back seat of a small car!

Having decided to use the service of a car with a driver, choose the most reliable companies. Why contact chauffeur service Essex? Because with this company you will receive the optimal combination of high-quality services and affordable prices. The client’s safety is ensured by the excellent condition of the cars and the work of the most highly qualified drivers. The fleet consists only of modern luxury vehicles, fully insured and disinfected after each use. These are Mercedes-Benz cars of the class that suits you, with a capacity of one to seven passengers. All drivers have great work experience, they are excellently trained, have all the necessary licenses and insurance. Punctuality is one of the advantages of chauffeur Essex. Be sure that an experienced driver has planned several alternate routes in advance to get you to your destination at the scheduled time. The car also has air conditioning; the price of the service may include refreshing drinks. The company’s employees do everything to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Just relax and enjoy your trip!

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Declare yourself with a unique car plateBlog

Declare yourself with a unique car plate

The modern number in UK consists of three parts: the first two letters indicate the region of registration, followed by…
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