Declare yourself with a unique car plate

Declare yourself with a unique car plate

The modern number in UK consists of three parts: the first two letters indicate the region of registration, followed by two digits containing data on the date of registration, and the third block is three arbitrary letters or numbers in any combination.  With the region of registration, everything is clear: the letters are taken from a single list.  It is more difficult with the year: the nation, which still stubbornly drives on the left side of the road, could not limit itself to a simple “99” for 1999 and “12” for 2012. Here this principle works only from March 1 to August 31  and from September to February they add 50 to the year.  That is, for example, in 2015 they issued numbers with the combinations “15” and “65”.

Since there is an unusual feature such as the “age stamp” which remains with the car for life – the numbers on the modern license plate necessarily reflect the year of registration, and you will not be allowed to hang a plate with the index “65” on the car from 2010.

Anyone can buy a license plate to their liking.  Moreover, the numbers are traded by both private companies and the Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency itself.  To buy a number in DVLA, you need to participate in the auction – they are held throughout the country about 6 times a year, and the list of license plates that will be put up for sale can be studied on the official website in advance in order to determine for yourself a list of interesting lots.

However, it is possible to receive a new plate from a dealer.  Just choose a number from the catalog, pay the specified amount – and in the shortest possible time The Private Plate Company will send you a fresh set of license plates and registration documents with delivery.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash