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Driver’s License Test Peculiarities

Theory test

This test consists of two episodes:

Episode 1:

There are 50 standard questions. You should give at least 43 correct answers.

Episode 2:

Danger Perception Test. You get a computer, a mouse, and 10-15 short video clips with a view from the driver’s eyes. The task of the test subject is to click the mouse in each video clip as it moves at the moment when you notice a change to the dangerous side of the situation on the road. If you click earlier or later it is a mistake.

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Practice: How it’s going

To take the practical test, you must wait for the scheduled date for the driver’s license exam. Here you can save time and not wait for your turn to take the exam. To do this, use the Driving test cancellations service and book the date of your exam. This is a service that shows on which dates someone refused to take the exam and the time was released.

There is no compulsory minimum of driving lessons.  Driving test during the daytime on weekdays is cheaper than in the evening, weekends and on holidays.

The practice test is your chance to prove to the examiner that you can drive safely and know the rules. The duration of the exam is 40 minutes, during which the examiner will not only test driving skills, but also ask you to perform several difficult exercises

In addition, they will ask you to tell and show where the lighting fixtures, the glass washer fluid tank, how the hood opens and the wipers turn on, in total, all these issues relate to the maintenance and safety of the car.

You are allowed to take an instructor with you to the driving test for moral support. Although it is not obligatory.

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The test lasts up to 40 minutes, about half of which is free driving on the navigator. In the process, the examiner asks you to stop several times, including in places where it is not allowed. You may be asked to park the car in the front and then drive out of the parking space in the back. Sometimes they ask you to reverse a couple of car lengths backwards or to apply the brakes in an emergency. If you don’t pass, you can try again in 10 days at the earliest.

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