Beep of Your Car

How many times do you honk in one trip? Of course, it depends on the temperament, but in heavy traffic without a sound signal is extremely important. It is because you have to indicate your presence on the road. However, the sound of regular horns sometimes makes you sad, especially in small cars. You can select and install more serious dynamics claspons more.

Signal design. Electrics and pneumatics

Usually, a pair of single-tone signals (high and low key) is installed in the car. Their sounds harmoniously overlap with each other. The difference between their frequency is 70-100 Hz, forming the desired sound depth. Structurally, the sound signals of cars are divided into electromagnetic and pneumatic. In both types, the sound is generated by vibrations of the membrane, but it is driven by different forces.

old car horn
Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash

Electromagnetic signals are installed from the factory on most cars, most often of a non-collapsible (disk) design. Such signals are inexpensive to produce and take up little space, which makes it easy to place them under the hood. You can’t get much power from such signals, so motorists change them to horn electromagnetic signals. Thanks to the funnel-shaped geometry, they generate a very loud sound, but take up much space.

A solenoid creates vibrations of the membrane in electromagnetic signals. In pneumatic signals, the membrane is driven by compressed air, therefore, a separate device is needed for their operation. It is a compressor capable of pumping air under pressure into the horn. The sound of such signals is noticeably more powerful than that of electromagnetic ones, but they take up even more space.

driving wheel with claspon
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Size matters

The characteristics of the audio signal usually correspond to the physical size of the vehicle. This was done deliberately to help drivers identify the source of sound on the road. If you hear a modest, almost plaintive sound, you will be looking for a motorbike or a mini-car. And a rolling bass horn indicates the approach of a truck. It is desirable to observe such a gradation of tonality when selecting abnormal signals.

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