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What to Wait for When Flying in a Private Jet to Paphos

Quiet, family and calm resort of Paphos has its own airport, accepting charters and regular flights from all over the planet. Private jets often fly here, bringing tourists and businessmen. Why fly here by private jet Paphos? What are the benefits? Let’s figure it out.

How to understand which private jet to fly?

Your charter operator should advise you on your flight plan, including the itinerary, your needs, the amount of luggage and the number of passengers that will accompany you on the flight. This way you will get the private jet that best suits your demands and avoid overpaying for a jet that is too large.

Do private jets really get the destination faster?

Private jets fly at about the same speed as commercial flights. Often, time savings can be achieved by reducing security checks and other routines that are common at airports, as well as by a more direct route.

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What kind of private jet seats and cabin configuration will I have?

Private jets usually offer passengers soft, comfortable leather seats. The seats are modular and can be modified. Their configuration is always varied, just ask for what you like best. If you want to relax and sleep during the flight, don’t think that the cabin will necessarily have deep reclining seats. Ask for a private jet with seats that recline at least 154º or a jet with beds. Additional options: you can ask the operator to provide you with a jet with two toilets and a shower, as well as a lounge for conversations, business meetings, a seating area or a poker table.

Are the pilots and crews of private jets more experienced?

In a way, yes. Pilots of a private jet are subject to the same professional standards as commercial pilots. Pilots and the flight crew are assigned to a specific vessel, this is their working territory and they know everything about this aircraft. Your team will include a pilot, co-pilot and at least one flight attendant. You can ask for an additional crew or special staff such as massage therapist, secretary, etc.

Are private jets more safe?

Private jets are generally just as safe as commercial airliners. Their crew follows the same safety and maintenance rules as commercial plains, while charter operators with wealthy clients usually choose to maintain even higher standards of service. Private jet fleets are typically younger than commercial airline fleets. And this is the reassuring factor of added security: you know who and what is on board your vessel.

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Are there any baggage restrictions on the board of a private jet?

Good news is that private aviation rules do not limit the amount of luggage carried. The only restriction is that luggage must fit on board.

What can I take with me when flying on a private jet?

Commercial aviation safety regulations do not apply to private jet charter. You can take almost everything on board a private liner. Even liquids are not subject to any claims – everything you want, from champagne to perfume.

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