Window Design Solution for Your Mobile Home

Window Design Solution for Your Mobile Home

A motorhome that combines vehicle and accommodation makes traveling as independent as possible. You stop thinking about booking hotels and purchasing tickets, move at a pace that is comfortable for you and stay where you want. Nevertheless, such a house also needs to be well equipped and it also needs to be renovated. Recently, minimalism, cold shades and simplicity have been popular. In order not to turn a fancy bus into a grandmother’s house, avoid textiles that frame walls, tapestry carpets, curtains and fabric blinds. For these purposes, it is best to purchase bespoke plantation shutters.

What are shutters?

They usually look like blinds
Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Shutters represent a frame structure made of precious wood. They usually look like blinds because of adjustable horizontal slats (lamellas) that are attached inside the frame. By turning one lamella, all the others also turn. This allows you to open and close shutters (hence the name from the English word “to shut”). And some affordable shutters for windows additionally reinforced with an aluminum profile. This design is mounted directly in the vertical sides of the window or door opening. Window hinges are used for opening, as well as a suspension mechanism with rollers (sliding compartment). Shutters can also be used to divide space into small rooms.


There is a great palette of colors that suits every design: imitation of the wood or solid painting structure, antique or patina painting, and even with individual patterns applied to the details.

shutters work for several years
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Made from eco-friendly material that does not contain toxic and harmful substances, shutters work for several years without fading under the influence of solar ultraviolet radiation. This is especially true for colored shutters, a partial change in hue of which will be quite noticeable. The use of wood further enhances environmental friendliness, although it reduces durability.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay