A Turbo Shield Can Provide Engine Performance Increases

A Turbo Shield Can Provide Engine Performance Increases

For high-performance cars, the extraordinary temperature under the hood can dramatically reduce performance and significantly cut short the life of other engine components. Maintaining control of heat is a major technique in tuning vehicles to produce the highest horsepower, especially for turbocharged cars.

Turbochargers can be expensive parts to replace. Fortunately, affordable turbo shields can now be purchased that can help to increase the life of the turbocharger while also improving overall engine performance.

A turbo shield will work in the same fashion as other wraps. Covering the turbo will protect it from heat from the exhaust manifolds and block while permitting the heat produced by the turbo to be evenly distributed in the turbo. Doing this can easily increase the spool speed and prolong the life of the turbo.

There are a variety of turbo shields available on the market. Low-end turbo shields tend to have a lower temperature rating while the more expensive shields are made from finely crushed lava and offer the highest thermal protection for turbochargers currently available.

Most turbo shields are easy to wrap without taking off the turbo. This turbo shield is made to slip over the housing and is held on with high temp stainless steel wire. Turbo shield kits also include the desired thermal wrap to apply over the downpipe for improved protection from heat.

Of the available turbo shields that can be purchased, the most commonly sought after kit is the titanium turbo shield. This shield wraps the turbo housing and gives the best rated thermal protection of any flexible turbo wrap available on the market. Titanium turbo shields are better in that they are rated to handle direct heat up to 1,800 degrees and are the most durable shields available for purchase.

With the correct turbo wrap, a turbo can last a significant amount of time. The use of a turbo shield can increase the lifespan of a turbocharger while also dropping lag time and faster spooling. Since turbo shields are inexpensive, this is one investment that can provide significant savings that pay for themselves.