A Look At Motorcycle Insurance

A Look At Motorcycle Insurance

Keep in mind that with any insurance policy, including Motorcycle Insurance, there is usually a deductible that has to be paid before the insurance company will pay the rest of the claim. At least you get to choose how much deductible so it can make for more affordable motorcycle insurance, but make sure you have it in the bank just in case you need it. Otherwise, Comprehensive and Collision coverage is going to pay for things when you have a wreck, regardless of who is at fault.

Here is a little example. You are moving right along and hit a car, then a telephone pole, bounce off it and take out a fence and sail over something else that is non-living. Do not worry, your Collision policy will cover it.

Another scenario is where you hit an animal and crossed the road hitting a car and then a fence, then a river starts overflowing and floods your bike. While you swim to shore someone comes along and beats the heck out of your bike, steals it, then sets fire to it. Your Comprehensive coverage will pay the loss.

During all of that, someone was injured. They had medical bills to pay. The Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability you chose with a limit of you liked, just covered the claim. Do not forget that Liability limits can leave the rest of your assets are a risk, if their expenses go over your limit.

When all of that wreck, above, was happening, you got injured, too. And, now you get to spend the next three years undergoing medical care. But, you know your Medical Payments Coverage is going to cover the expenses unless you live in a state where they require your other insurance to be used up before this kicks in. There is a maximum this will pay, so ask all about it before you sign.

Another example of how it can be one of those days when you have a roadside breakdown, mechanical of course. You call the number on the card the gave you, they call you back to say there is a truck on the way from the nearest qualified repair shop. Not a problem, your Roadside Assistance policy just kicked in to pay the tab, and you will not pay a coin to be back on your journey. Hey, after you have left you get stranded in the snow and mud, water all around with sand mucking up the mix. You are within 100 feet of the roadway, with a trailer behind your bike whose wheel locks up. Still no problem, your coverage steps up to pay for the rescue. Around the clock, coverage is what you paid for, and you only paid a solitary George Washington a month for this coverage.

In this story, you spend a lot of money dressing out your rig. It is fine. But, you suddenly realize something is missing, so you file a claim. Your Accessory coverage just covered the loss that your Comp and Collision did not pick up.

This is the disclaimer that no animals, fences, motorcycles or people were injured or destroyed in the above examples. These were just some images to think about for a person who needs Motorcycle Insurance to give a lot of consideration if they want to be covered for any loss.

If you own a motorcycle, then you definitely need to compare motorcycle insurance. There are many motorbike insurance quotes waiting for you right now.