AC, Car Battery and More

AC, Car Battery and More

Some parts of your car such as the battery, AC and Alternators get the least attention; whereas, these parts are very vital and can influence a lot in the overall performance of your vehicle. It is very important to maintain a regular service schedule and maintenance. Given below are some of the maintenance tips which can help to increase the life and efficiency of these types of equipment. This holds true whether your car is a hatchback or an SUV.

Run your AC during Winter Too

It is a common myth that there is no need for AC to be run during the winter and hence, there is no need for it to be maintained. Nothing is far away from the truth. Regular running of the AC for a few minutes will help the moving parts of the AC like the compressor from seizing and working in prime condition when it is needed.

Battery Maintenance Is Important

Many Battery manufacturers claim that their Battery is maintenance free but there is nothing such as a maintenance-free battery. All batteries need to be regularly inspected and maintained. If you really want your battery to work longer and prevent a drain on your pocket, it will be wise to conduct regular check-ups for the battery. Keep the battery clean and regularly apply grease or oil on the terminals to prevent the accumulation of carbon.

Some Batteries Require Water

If your battery has electrolytes you would require the electrolyte levels to be regularly checked and top up if the level is low with a recommended liquid. You can use distilled water by a reliable manufacturer but never use tap water or the traces of minerals can wreck your batteries.

Leaky Radiator? Just Seal It

Leaky Radiators can drain money slowly and it requires just a little sealant to seal the leaking radiator tube. Sealants are usually of two types- Solid and liquid and can be mixed with the coolant and it will detect and seal the leaking section.

Thus you can see that a few handy tips will go a long way in preventing unwanted repairs and save you money.