Choosing the right car seat cover

Choosing the right car seat cover

Car seat covers are needed to protect original upholstery, give the interior a beautiful look, and ensure travel comfort. Covers differ from each other in design, material, additional functions.

The most popular materials for making covers are corduroy, velor, jacquard, eco-leather, artificial suede.

Corduroy, velor and jacquard are pleasant to touch, but they absorb liquid, odors and dust, get dirty quickly, so they need regular dry cleaning or washing.

Artificial and natural leather are durable and easy-care materials that look stylish and expensive. They do not absorb odors, do not electrify, almost do not get dirty. High-quality eco-leather covers can last for more than one year, without even requiring dry cleaning. On the website you can choose exactly the car seat cover that you like. The quality will delight you with its long service life, and the prices are quite low in comparison with other stores.

How to find the right seat cover size? Some manufacturers produce universal seat covers, but as a rule, such models do not fit the seats well, so it is better to choose covers strictly according to the seat size. There are two ways.

The first is to determine the size of the cover according to the dimensions of the front seat. You need a size S cover if the backrest is 60 cm high, 52 cm wide, the seat width 48 cm, the depth 52 cm, and the headrest width is 44 cm. Size M will work if the backrest is 64 cm high and 56 cm, seat width 48 cm, depth 56 cm and headrest width 46 cm. S and M are the most common sizes specially designed for passenger cars.

The second way is to choose a cover according to the model of the car. Many cases are produced specifically for a specific model, and this is the best option: there is definitely no mistake with the size.

Image by lqiuz from Pixabay