Why Do You Need to Check the Documents for the Car

Why Do You Need to Check the Documents for the Car?

Buying cars, buyers tend to focus on the car – on its appearance and technical condition. They check the history of the car fluently and not very carefully, but this is an important procedure.

What to do before checking documents

The most important step even at the time of choosing a car is to check the history of operation. If the car is problematic, then there is no point in watching it. You can safely weed out the instance you like and switch to other options.

How to check documents for a car: what to look for and how it should be

Documents need to be checked in order to protect yourself from risks. The car can be sold by a swindler, who will disappear immediately after the transaction. If the car turns out to be problematic, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to restore justice.

Important documents

Among the important documents to check, always look at the owner’s passport, insurance, registration certificate and the passport of the car itself.

Service book

The service book is the last document, the verification of which is optional, but desirable. It indicates what qualified work was carried out on the car.

If there is a service book, it means that the owner followed the car and applied for qualified service, and this is a good reason to put a price tag on the car. Unscrupulous sellers take advantage of this and, in order to sell the car more expensive, forge a book.

Pay attention to the quality of printing and paper, the presence of holographic stickers and logos. The book should not look like it was filled out in one day: there should be intervals of several months between entries, information should be entered by different people.

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