Theoretical Driving Exam Tips

Theoretical Driving Exam Tips

You want to get a driving license. Where to start preparing for the theoretical exam?

Sign up for a driving school if you have not done it yet. Carefully study the rules of the exam. It will consist of a theory test, exercises in the autodrome and a driving test in real-world conditions. Each part has its own requirements.

Spend enough time preparing. Passing the exam first time is becoming increasingly difficult, so preparation should begin 3–6 months before the exam. However, you can try find driving test cancellations. You will be able to pass the practice earlier than theory and eventually get a driver’s license faster than you expected.

If you still decide to abandon the earlier driving test, start by carefully reading the rules on a specific topic. Pay attention to terms, paragraphs, signs, for which there are references in the text. Keep a summary of key points when studying materials or listening to a lecture. Record terms, significant details, exceptions to the rules, and unusual situations. Also write down the questions you have to ask the teacher or search for an answer on the Internet.

When you have studied the material, proceed to work out the questions. Examination cards contain questions from all topics, so you need to disassemble not cards, but separate tasks. The book with cards has a hint that describes how the numbers of questions and topics are related. If you are preparing using an application or site, use the topic study mode. If you doubt about the answer or mistake, read the comments on the question. Go from one topic to another one by one. Do not forget to repeat the questions of the previous ones after each new topic. Use this technique until you have learned all the rules. When you think that you have remembered all the questions, check what remains in your memory.

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