Dumping Your Junk Car for Cash

Dumping Your Junk Car for Cash

Face it: that pile of junk that used to be the family car is not doing anyone any good sitting in your driveway or yard. If you have a junker and need it gone, it is now easier than ever to sell a junk car. Get rid of the eyesore and liabilities: you can easily get smeone to come and get it, paying you for the value of the parts.

A lot will depend on the age and condition of the car when you try to sell it – but if it is not completely rusted out, chances are pretty good that there are going to be plenty of decent things a salvage yard can find on it.

What you do in a case like this, is contact the cash for clunkers type of business nearest you. If there is more than one option in your area, see what the different offers might be.

If you cannot get cash for a junker, you can also contact an auto yard, and many times they will send a wrecker to your home to remove the car. You may not get paid for it this way, but it is removed from your property, and the salvage yard will either scrap it or save it.

Use the web to see how many places might be interested near you. But remember that if someone were to get injured while working near or playing on a junk car on your property, you would become liable for their damages. Avoid the risk, and contact someone to haul it away…hopefully, you can make a little bank along the way!