DIY car repair

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Car repair and maintenance is a real problem for most vehicle lovers. Failures often happen unexpectedly, and regular service is required when there is not enough money in the wallet. It is necessary to properly and timely care for the car to make it serve you for a long time. If you have never been engaged in self-repairing a car, but plan to try it, you should take into account several unobvious but life-tested tips.

  1. Wrenches are always lost. For some reason, open-end wrenches are most prone to this. Therefore, you should have all wrenches in two pieces, and at least three spanners.
  2. If you are sitting in a pit, and you urgently need a wrench, it will certainly be outside, somewhere on the hood.
  3. In any car, there is certainly at least one nut to which you can’t crawl with an open-end wrench and put on the socket head. How they managed to twist it at the factory is a great secret.
  4. When disassembling almost any node, there will certainly be at least one nut that refuses to unscrew.
  5. When assembling the repaired assembly, do not rush to tighten the most inaccessible nuts; first make sure that the assembly is operational after the bulkhead. This will make it easier to disassemble everything back when you make sure you miss something.
  6. The most difficult stage of the work will not be the one you expected.
  7. A cheap tool will do such troubles that you will never end up saving money on this.
  8. In preparation for the repair, try to foresee all operations, and everything that you can break in the process.
  9. The optimal number of repairmen is two. Many operations cannot be performed alone, and three people will only interfere with each other.

However, if you change your mind about repairing the car, it is better to contact a special agency